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Posted June 6, 2019 by Laura Duguid

Property Management firm places focus on tenant experience

The days of Mr. Roper may soon be a thing of the past. At least, that's if UNLIMITED Residential Living has anything to do with it. Why? Because founder and owner Adam Kitchener believes there's a better way to do property management.

Kitchener has, quite literally, spent his entire life in the property management business. He was a young child when his father purchased his first rental property. Since then, he's worked in every aspect of the business.

"I've been a property manager, a superintendent, worked as a cleaner and done general labouring and contract work," says Kitchener. "I'm also a landlord myself, so I know what's needed to be done. And, more than that, I know the right people to get the job done right."

Kitchener believes that the property aspect of property management is the easy part. The part that most other firms underestimate is the tenant management side to the business.

For Kitchener and his team, taking care of buildings means focusing on preventative maintenance, prompt response to calls, and open communication with tenants.




"Inevitably in this business, something will go wrong, something will break," Kitchener says. "It's how you deal with it that makes the difference."

That is why UNLIMITED Residential Living makes sure to communicate scheduled maintenance and work to perform at times that cause the least disruption. It's this attention to detail that makes UNLIMITED Residential Living an easy choice for many GTA landlords.

Kitchener believes that this attention to property detail is the bare minimum any property maintenance firm should do. He and his team take this a step further — and that step makes all the difference in the world.

"The new reality is that many people won't experience home ownership — either by choice or due to financial realities," Kitchener says. "But that doesn't mean they don't want to take pride in their living space." Their solution? Creating experiences that make tenants feel great about coming home.

"We work with luxury developers to really promote exceptional products and emphasize the luxury experience of renting," says Kitchener. "All UNLIMITED Residential Living properties provide tenants with a maintenance-free and amenity-rich life. They can leave all the headaches of homeownership to someone else — me."

Kitchener's business provides a complete range of services. From initial lease up to property management, daily maintenance to renovations, he's got everything handled. "I've been there. It's hard work," he explains. "Through my company, we provide both property owners and tenants with an entire team of professionals to get the job done right, quickly."

Since he's a landlord as well, Kitchener can't help but think like an owner. So, he brings his experiences in repositioning properties and expertise in running profitable buildings to each of his clients. More than that, he delivers exceptional experiences to their tenants.

Many UNLIMITED Residential Living buildings feature concierge service, which allows fast responses to tenant complaints and offer a team of in-house maintenance technicians. "UNLIMITED Residential Living takes over the whole process, we can't simply pass the buck. We have to own the entire tenant experience and that is what makes us different. Our goal is to craft the perfect tenant experience."

Securing UNLIMITED Residential Living as a property management company is a win-win for landlords and tenants alike. Tenants get a luxury condo experience in their rental, and landlords save on resources.

"It's a cost-effective solution," says Kitchener. "We offer landlords an all-encompassing service and take care of everything. I've divvied up the superintendent model, leasing agent, cleaner, plumber and all those highly specialized roles, and hired a team of skilled professionals to represent their property."

To learn more about the UNLIMITED Residential Living experience, Kitchener invites you to visit or call 905-962-RENT.

"My goal is to create a sense of home," he says. "I love that through this business model, that's exactly what I'm able to do."