Since 2018, UNLIMITED Residential Living has delivered a new approach to property management. We've challenged and changed the traditional landlord/tenant landscape with our service first approach. While still young, UNLIMITED Residential has become known by property owners and tenants alike as delivering services that are a cut above.

For property owners, our commitment to service has brought their properties to new heights. For older buildings, this has often meant a complete turnaround of the property. For new builds, our tough tenant screening process has resulted in filling units with high caliber, top quality individuals, who pay their rents on time. In all instances, we've replaced the broken superintendent model to a tailored, full-service team, including an on-call, productive handyman, concierge, cleaning staff and more.

For tenants, the experience can be captured in one word: luxury. For them, coming home is similar to embarking on a relaxing weekend away. They know that their beautifully appointed common spaces are always going to be clean and fresh. That their concierge is there to address and meet their needs. And, if and when they face an issue, they know that there is someone on call 24/7 to attend to it. These aren't just anecdotal claims, our tenants have consistently given us five-star ratings.

Thank you in advance for considering your UNLIMITED possibilities with us.

I'm happy to address any questions or concerns you might have.

Adam Kitchener
Owner and CEO, UNLIMITED Residential